What is Degrees Work?

Degrees Work empowers working adults to return to college and earn their degree. We do this by connecting local employers, schools, and adult learners around a common mission - to produce thousands of new college graduates in our community.   




A College Coach will support you to design a re-enrollment plan and help solve any issues that may be preventing you from going to and through college.

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Our employer partners believe that degree completion has a positive impact not only on the company, but also on employees, our community, and the economy.

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Our 6 higher education partners offer flexible degree programs and resources that will empower you to finish your degree on your terms.

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A College Coach will help guide you.

A College Coach will provide support to you as you return to college and help find a solution to many issues you may have regarding completing your degree. Your College Coach can assist you or point you in the direction of someone who can help. Remember, the College Coach is a support to make getting into college, staying there, and succeeding as easy as possible for you.

What will my College Coach do?

Your company-appointed College Coach will provide day-to-day support and encouragement as you plan your return to college. Your College Coach will help alleviate concerns and solve any issues you may have or provide advice as to whom to contact. These issues can take any form including issues regarding financial aid or find/transferring a course.

Worried about whether your credits will transfer? Don't be. 

A Completer Degree refers to a degree program that is generous with transferring in prior college credit. These type of degree programs can also allow adult student’s with work experience to make use of prior learning assessments as a clear pathway towards degree completion. Contact your Degrees Work College Coach to find out more about which Completer Degree programs are in your area and may fit your degree completion goals.

Priority Admissions make applying easy. 

Our unique partnerships with higher education institutions in Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana allow employees working with a Degrees Work College Coach the opportunity to receive priority admissions when applying to a college in our network. Employees receive a waived application fee and an introduction to a dedicated Degrees Work Partner College Liaison.

Get credit for prior work experience. 

A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) can help you determine if you are eligible to receive credit for your work experience when returning to college, thus saving you both time and money.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about PLA, tuition assistance, and other answers to some commonly asked questions.

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