Mayor Fischer Announces Launch of Degrees Work

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On Wednesday, March 1, Mayor Greg Fischer launched Degrees Work, a city-sponsored startup that works directly with companies and organizations to encourage their employees to return to college and complete a degree.

“With today’s low unemployment rates, companies are in a fierce battle to attract and retain talented employees,” the Mayor said.  “Degrees Work offers those companies an affordable way to help more of their employees go back to college to earn 2-year and 4-year degrees – increasing retention and employee engagement while adding skills to their teams.”

Mayor Fischer made the announcement during a rally-like event at Humana, which has more than 12,000 employees in Louisville and is the largest company to hire Degrees Work.

 "At Humana, we believe that degree attainment is one part of the learning journey for our associates,” said Kevin Stakelum, the company’s talent acquisition director. “We have a variety of programs to support associates in achieving their professional and personal goals. Partnering with Degrees Work, we can now give associates access to expert guidance to apply these educational programs to meet their degree attainment interests."

In addition to Humana, Louisville Metro Government and Universal Woods have engaged Degrees Work to help their employees return to college.

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